The higher level functions of SOC are divided into parts that are “ Core Functions” v/s “ Speciality Fields ”. Small teams may even performs all the functions by themselves. Core Functions are mostly performed by SOC analysts . The other Speciality fields requires different level of significant skillset that…

Tiered SOC:

When it comes to analyst roles in the security domain (SOC), it will be breaked down into tiered structure. It basically divides into three categories- Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3.

Tier 1 represents an entry level role.As they gain more experience, they get promoted into higher…

Vulnerability management strategy refers to an ongoing, comprehensive process or program that aims at managing an organization’s vulnerabilities in a holistic and continuous manner. It is a continual process that aims to manage an organization’s cybersecurity vulnerabilities long-term.

In this, it involves continuous vulnerability assessments.

IOC helps us with the information of attack that has already happened. So, what if we gather the information during the attack ? This leads us to the concept of IOAs.

IOAs stand for “ Indicator of Attack ”.

Indicator of Attack is a collection of data sets that gives…

We all know that cybercriminals uses variety of strategies to get into target’s network for whatever they want. The cyber security threat landscape continues to grow as the attacks of cybercriminals makes the task of detecting and tracking more challenging. Nowadays, cybercriminals rarely uses single attack vector. They are combining…

Do you know how much time an attacker spends on information gathering about the target??……..a lot. That is why reconnaissance is the most important stage of pre-attack.

But have you ever thought that after compromising something how much time attacker spend into the target’s network before they leave or caught…

Shruti Patel

Cyber girl

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